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Hawaii Soldier Accused of Helping ISIS

 An active-duty soldier who said he wanted to kill a "bunch of people" has been arrested on terrorism charges after allegedly trying to provide...

Saudi Arabia will soon destroy Daesh

There have been countless rants about how Daesh and House of Saud’s ideologies converge, but largely fall on deaf ears. As Daesh continues to grow,...

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This is why Turkey has a fast COVID-19 recovery rate

Turkey has the highest ICU bed capacity per 100,000 people compared to European countries, the US and China.Tactical Talk: The death rate in Turkey...

Tactical Talk

China Rising with BRI? Zain Khan invites Matthew Ehret-Kump & Capt....

Tactical Talk: China's Belt and Road Initiative – amidst its achievements and controversies, how it contributes to global economic recovery. Here's the background. China's Belt...