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Yasir Masood

Yasir Masood carries several years of experience in research, communication, training, and development. He has produced numerous analytical research reports for national and international...

Alfons López Tena

Alfons López Tena is a Catalan analyst on public and international affairs. A lawyer, former member of Spain’s Council of the Judiciary and an...

Zain Khan

A broadcast journalist, filmmaker, and Researcher on Islamophobia, Zain Khan’s opinions and special coverage in journalism have been quoted in The Guardian, CNN, BBC,...

Mehmet Sukru Guzel

The Representative of USGAM to Switzerland Mehmet Şükrü Güzel, Nominated for the  Nobel Peace Prize multiple times. Mr Şükrü Güzel, is also Policy Adviser on...

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles

Massimiliano Fanni Canelles is a Doctor and Professor. He is also the Editor in chief of Social News Magazine and President of Auxilia Foundation.

Adam Garrie

Adam Garrie is Director at Eurasia future, Global policy & analysis Think Tank and co-host of The History Boys with George Galloway.

Brig (R) Abdul Hafeez

Brig (R) Abdul Hafeez is a globally recognized educationist, former principal of Lawrence College Murree and now the current Principal of Pakistan Scouts Cadet...

Dr. Emete Gozuguzelli

Asst.Prof.Dr. Emete Gözügüzelli Head of the International Law Department Akdeniz University Byron Matarangas Lecturer at Bahchesehir University.

Helene Sejert

Helene Sejert is an internationally acclaimed activist, also an International Relations writer, Researcher, Speaker.

Dr. Bilal Sambur

Dr. Bilal Sambur is the Director of the Center for Studies on Religion and Freedom at the Association for Liberal Thinking in Ankara Turkey....

Ashfaq Minhas

Ashfaq Minhas is a former Pakistani Colonel. He frequently appears on Tactical Talk Network and other media platforms. Col (R) Ashfaq Minhas frequently writes...

Matthew J.L. Ehret

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer, and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review and is an author at Fort-Russ. His works have been...

World News

This is why Turkey has a fast COVID-19 recovery rate

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Tactical Talk

China Rising with BRI? Zain Khan invites Matthew Ehret-Kump & Capt....

Tactical Talk: China's Belt and Road Initiative – amidst its achievements and controversies, how it contributes to global economic recovery. Here's the background. China's Belt...