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Tactical Talk: What Russia & China alliance offer to the Middle East? Zain Khan & Matthew Ehret

Tactical Talk: Season 6 – Episode 4 | What Russia & China alliance offer to the Middle East? Zain Khan & Author Matthew Ehret. In this show Journalist and Filmmaker Zain Khan invites Editor in Chief of Canadian Patriot to Tactical Talk to discuss what Russia and China's alliance offer to the Middle East. This topic discovers many aspects to China and Russia relations on Geopolitical and Geo-economic levels.


Tactical Talk: China’s Belt and Road Initiative has already spread across Eurasia and Africa, uplifting standards of living, cognitive potential and building mega projects along the way. The grand design is a fluid concept driven by rail development and city building on its land (road) component, with ports and shipping lanes on its sea

component. A philosophical commitment to scientific and technological progress (aka: creative reason) which once animated western society is its driving power.

In January 2018, a Chinese white paper announced China’s northern vision with Russia “will bring opportunities for parties concerned to jointly build a ‘Polar Silk Road’, and facilitate connectivity and sustainable economic and social development of the Arctic.”

In its press release announcing the creation of the China-Russia Arctic Research Center (CRARC) on April 10, 2019, the Russian government announced:

“Joint efforts will be made in Arctic marine science research, which will promote the construction of ‘Silk Road on Ice’. In future, QNLM looks forward to more fruitful and efficient partnerships worldwide to contribute to the sustainable development of the world oceans and a shared future for mankind.”


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