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Tactical Talk: Pakistan & India’s limited war after Pulwama & Balakot | Chief of Air Staff (R) Kaleem Saadat & Zain Khan

Chief of Air Staff (R) Kaleem Saadat & Zain Khan discuss the limited war battled out in aerial skirmishes between Pakistan & India after the Pulwama attack and Balakot incident on Tactical Talk. Tactical Talk: Season 5 - Episode 64 | Balakot & Beyond: Pakistan and India's limited war | Chief of Air Staff (R) Kaleem Saadat.


Tactical Talk In the most ominous military confrontation between India and Pakistan since both tested nuclear weapons two decades ago, Pakistan has shot down two Indian military aircraft over its territory on 27th February and launched strikes in Indian-occupied Kashmir in retaliation to Indian aggression, while India claimed it shot down a Pakistani fighter jet in the “aerial encounter” without providing much proof.

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An especially volatile aspect of the confrontation was Pakistan’s capture of an Indian fighter pilot. Pakistani military officials posted a photo and video of him on Social Media sitting in a room, and they said he was being treated “per norms of military ethics.”

Later the Indian pilot named Abhinandan Varthaman was returned back to India via Wagah Border by Pakistan’s government, Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan labeled it as a ‘peace gesture’ from Pakistan. Ever since this episode, there has been a wave of information on Indian and Pakistani media where narratives of both countries are a cause of confusion for the common man.
Zain Khan and Chief of Air Staff (R) Kaleem Saadat discuss with proof as to what really happened and could have happened during these aerial skirmishes which many labeled as a ‘limited war’ on Tactical Talk.

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