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India, Yet Another Teen Is Raped Then Burned Alive

Said to be third such incident in last week

Tactical Talk (World News) A horrifying incident is becoming somewhat of a trend in India, where a third teenager has reportedly been raped and then burned alive, with all the incidents happening in the span of one week. The BBC reports the 16-year-old was allegedly killed after informing her attacker, a man police have named as 28-year-old Ravi Chadhar, she wouldn’t stay mum about the rape. She was reportedly doused with fuel and set on fire in her Madhya Pradesh home. CNN reports that the girl’s cousin allegedly told her attacker she was home alone; both the cousin and Chadhar have been arrested.

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The other attacks occurred in Jharkhand, with one of the girls, 17, surviving in critical condition with burns to 70% of her body. Her attacker allegedly had wanted to marry her but had been denied. The first case involved a 16-year-old who was killed after her parents reported her rape to village leaders. Enraged by the punishment the elders imposed—100 sit-ups and a fine of roughly $750—police say Dhanu Singh Bhuiyan stormed into the girl’s house in the village of Chatra, attacked her parents, and fatally set the girl on fire.

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