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The Pakistan and Afghanistan Breakthrough

The dividends of Gen Bajwa's Afghan visit have started with a paradigm shift in the tone and tenor of Afghan leaders towards Pakistan.

(Tactical Talk) The dividends of General Qamar Javed Bajwa‘s Afghan visit have started with a paradigm shift in the tone and tenor of Afghan leaders towards Pakistan, which has not only become friendly rather is more brotherly.
The two neighbors have a strong bond of Islamic brotherhood, which includes fighting shoulder to shoulder with our Afghan brothers against Soviet occupational forces and giving shelter to more than 3 million Afghans, who came to Pakistan as a result of foreign occupation and are still here after almost 3.5 decades.
General Qamar Javed Bajwa rightly identified the irritants and taken bold steps to overcome these while effectively highlighting own concerns like cross-border firing and attacks from Afghan soil. He has won the trust and confidence of Afghan leadership with his honest and sincere efforts for bringing much-needed peace and harmony between two brotherly neighbors.
Addressing the irritants of both sides will bring brotherhood and stability, which was marred by mistrust and negative propaganda, even leading to anti-Pakistan protests, fuelled by extensive Indian influence.
It seems like better sense would prevail now as vested interests would like to create such an atmosphere, so as to torpedo this peace initiative.

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Ashfaq Minhas is a former Pakistani Colonel and an exclusive senior Balochistan expert at Tactical Talk. He frequently appears on Tactical Talk Network and other media platforms. Col (R) Ashfaq Minhas frequently writes on South Asia, Middle East and North Africa.


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